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About Gator Park

Take a journey deep into the Florida Everglades and discover a whole new world full of alligators, turtles, snakes, fish and exotic birds.

As you take off on one of our famous Everglades Airboat Ride, you’ll start to understand why these creatures call the Everglades home. We invite you to explore these unique wetlands and learn about their native inhabitants as our professional guides show you a side of Florida you’ve never seen before.

With years of alligator experience to help brave the way, we’ll show you what alligator wrestling is all about. (Don’t try this at home.) Feeling brave yourself? When you embark on an Everglades safari, we ensure you really get to meet the natives.

While we know gators, we also know their neighbors. At Gator Park, you'll have the chance to visit with our resident turtles, macaws and peacocks. Native snakes also reside nearby, including the Blackpine, Brooks Kingsnake, Florida Kingsnake and Red Ratsnake.

Keep your camera handy, as our gator tours provide you with many opportunities to capture alligators and many other creatures in their natural habitat. And you never know who will come out of hiding while you watch! Can’t wait? Give us a call now at 800-559-2205 or book your airboat ride online.