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Souvenir Shop

Alligator Souvenirs

While the memories of your time in the Everglades will surely stay with you, no Florida gator tour would be complete without a souvenir to take home. Find the perfect memento of Miami’s Gator Park with a realistic replica alligator head to hang on your wall! Or how about the Gourmet Gator Cookbook? Your kitchen will never be the same…

Alligator belts, décor and other alligator products abound at our store. Remember your Everglades adventure and share the fun with the folks back home. Who knows, the right souvenir might even convince them to join you on your next trip to Miami!

Our fully stocked gift shop also features fun t-shirts, postcards and hats to bring back, as well as authentic beaded belts and moccasins. We also sell beautiful Indian crafts, such as pottery, jewelry and giant sized dream catchers that make terrific gifts.

Got questions or need help finding the perfect alligator gift? Give us a call at 800-559-2205.